1. dovahknitter:

    Almost done with the first one! I just love these colours. Unfortunately, I have to take small break from knitting (a couple of days), since my wrist is acting up again. I’m knitting these socks in a tighter gauge than usual, and it’s taking its toll on my hands. I just want to finish these socks soon, so I can wear them!

    The pattern is Broken Seed Stitch Socks by handepande, and the yarns are Sandnes Garn Sisu (white) and Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball (Frische Fische).

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  2. acalmstrength2013:

    Have you guys checked out Botanical Knits 2 by Alana Dakos yet?  It’s full of so many pretty patterns!  Pictured above:

    Verdure fingerless mitts

    Twigs and Willows mitts

    Sunlit Autumn sweater

    Ivy Trellis hat

    Flourish sweater

    Forest Foliage wrap

    Sprig Sweater

    Ferns hat

    Hanging Leaves wrap

    Aren’t they all lovely?  There are a few more (equally beautiful) patterns in the collection as well.

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  3. allofthemaking:


    Submitted by feathertwist


    We all feel this way

    -l.l. and P&T

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  7. motleyholidays:

    DIY Amigurumi Lamb:

    Free Crochet Pattern, from Harugurumi.

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  9. sushy00:

    counting stitches

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  10. orgulumeditasyon:


    Desen Lapis

    kessa Tay Anlin tarafından

    kessa yılında Dikişler itibaren


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