1. flintandpyrite:

    Tara, these are some of the patterns I was talking about, you can find more like them under in the lovely lovely lookbooks published by Brooklyn Tweed.

    (From top: Daybreak, Benedetta, Shalom, Hitch, Devlan, Nimbus, Sullivan, MarionButtonbox, Lonely Tree

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  2. knittingcountess:


    Pattern: Shell shawl by Ruth Sorensen

    This is a beautiful shawl, but it would take me several lifetimes to complete!

  3. karljamesmountford:

    Editorial work about the stereotypes of knitting.

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  5. knitterwithwifi:

    I finished a new hat! I love how it turned out. I feel like Little Red Riding Hood wearing it.

    In case you’re interested, I used the "Capucine" pattern I found on Ravelry.

    Capucine is such a cute pattern, but a lot of people have made changes to the original to make the hat a bit larger. Did you have to do this?


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  6. leisureartsintern:

    Free Pattern of the Day! 

    Entrelac Scarf by Allison LoCicero

    Follow me for more yarn crafts and yarn humor on your dash! 

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  7. midnight-charm:

    Wylie Hays by Niclas Heikkinen for Grit magazine

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  8. theprinceandthepurl:

    I’m 100% the other way on this.

    People who can knit with DPNs are like…deities. I always magic loop.


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  9. truebluemeandyou:

    DIY Tee Shirt Yarn Sweater Tutorial and Pattern from inspiration & realisation. Top Left Photo: Richard Nicoll Resort 2015 here, Top Right Photo and Bottom Photos: DIYs by inspiration & realisation. 

    Not only does this post contain a free pattern with lots of tips for knitting this sweater made from 7 tee shirts for yarn, but it contains links to Donatella’s other tutorials to help make this sweater for less:

    • How to make tee shirt yarn (one of the best DIYs on tee shirt yarn)
    • DIY 24”/60 cm circular knitting needles size US 19/15 mm
    • DIY 8”/20cm double pointed needles size US 19/15mm

    For a fun DIY Extreme Knitting Roundup go here.

  10. kinfolkyarn:

    (via Ravelry: Brecon pattern by Martin Storey)

    I love the 3D look of this cabled cape, Brecon, by Martin Storey.

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