1. lostwaxstudionyc:

    I used to work with lots #british #scottish #irish #designers in #fashion and they sure do take #knitwear seriously one of my roommates even had a masters degree in knitwear! #aransweaters #cablepatterns are indicative of the wearers #irish #clan?? Clanarans.com #knitting #yarn #merinowool (at lost wax studio 171 elizabeth NYC)

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  2. stitcherywitchery:

    Blue Moon Crescent, a free pattern for a knitted lace shawl from Cath Ward.

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  3. getting-knitfaced:

    Fireside Sweater by Amber Allison ($5 download on Ravelry)

    project source: miniknitti

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  5. supersonicart:

    Chity Soy Yo’s Adorable Creations.

    Dublin based artist Chity Soy Yo designs and creates wonderful knitted toy creatures through the process known as “Amigurumi,” or creating small sculptures with crochet wool, that are imaginative as they are cute.  See more below!

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  6. everydayimknitting:

    Done! And I love it! Those colors…mmmm just perfect!

    So pretty! Well done!

    P & T

  7. flintandpyrite:

    Tara, these are some of the patterns I was talking about, you can find more like them under in the lovely lovely lookbooks published by Brooklyn Tweed.

    (From top: Daybreak, Benedetta, Shalom, Hitch, Devlan, Nimbus, Sullivan, MarionButtonbox, Lonely Tree

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  8. knittingcountess:


    Pattern: Shell shawl by Ruth Sorensen

    This is a beautiful shawl, but it would take me several lifetimes to complete!

  9. karljamesmountford:

    Editorial work about the stereotypes of knitting.

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