2. truebluemeandyou:

    DIY Crochet Shark Pouch by Tamara Kelly on Ravelry. People who made this pattern overwhelmingly “loved it”.You have to sign up for Ravelry but it is easy to do and so worth it. Top and Bottom Left Photos: DIY by Tamara Kelly. Bottom Right Photo: DIY by thiswaythatway here. She added red felt to the mouth. In honor of shark week starting August 10th, 2014.

  3. Still working on the Ten Stitch Twist (EDIT: Added link to free Ravelry pattern). I actually hid it away for a really long time. It’s still making me crazy.

  4. dachshundstuff:

    learn how to knit this must-have pencil case or travel bag from this book by Mel Clark

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  5. siouxsiestitches:

    Very clever! From Ingiknits

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  6. fhtagn-and-tentacles:

    by Hansi Singh 
    Knitting patterns available here 

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  7. crochetmelovely:


    So a yarn store near my home town (the clay purl in Nashville, Indiana) handpaints yarns based on Harry Potter and oh my god why don’t I have millions of dollars so I can buy all of these.

    That’s awesome!!

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  8. juststitched:

    "I’ll always love you - even on days what you don’t come home with surprise yarn for me."

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  9. ohkellybelly:


    Ok, I know this is knitting, but look at this sweater! IT’S AMAZING. The pattern is called I Want to Believe and now I really want to make it! Here’s the ravelry page for this beauty:


    someone make me this please??

  10. noochfiber:

    Lots of new mini skeins up at Nooch Fiber!  Knit the rainbow… ;)

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